Birthday Dinner - November 20th, 2016

9:39 AM

Well, I've been MIA for quite a while.  Sorry, this whole having a job thing is pretty time-consuming.  Who would've thunk it?!  Anyway, interestingly enough, I got two paid gigs in the past month.  This past weekend was my first and only official wedding.  I've always been afraid to do one because, no, not the hours and hours of editing.  Nope, not the potential terrible outcomes of disastrous lawsuits (although the crazy stories you hear are pretty scrazy).  It's because of the responsibility!  I mean, just imagine that you're the sole person (ok, fine, with videographers, second shooters, and everyone's cell phones, maybe it's not as big a deal...?) who is in charge of capturing the few truly great moments that the bride (and groom) will have to remember the day with.

Ok, enough blabbing about the wedding.  This post is about the birthday dinner I was tasked with shooting.  It was great - got to go to a nice restaurant, ate a nice meal, took some pictures, and, most importantly, the client was happy with her pictures.

About to get the party started

What's on the menu?

These ladies are possibly more tech-savvy than I

Birthday girl

 It was actually pretty nice to see a pretty mellow celebration.  They talked, caught, ate, drank, shared photso of grandchildren, laughed, joked, nothing too wild, but one could tell that they are great friends (some, even life-long friends).  I wonder if I will ever do something like that (I am not much of a birthday-celebrater).

Best friends

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