Rant: Windows 10 Anniversary Update Broke Windows- October 8th, 2016

11:14 PM

I've already made it known how much I dislike Windows 10 (here, here and here).  If it weren't for my 4k monitor, you can bet I would still be using Windows 7.

Anyway, on my desktop, which I don't use that often (mostly for photo editing), espeically once I started teaching again, I had setup this system where I make a symbolic link to directories on my d: drive (an actual hard drive).  Basically, there's a pointer on my SSD to the most-used folders, such as Downloads, Desktop, etc.  With this method, I can still access them by using the explorer shortcuts but don't have to have all the files reside on the much smaller SSD.

Of course, being the stingy person that I am, I also did the same to the AppData folder.  However, the stupid Anniversary update BROKE it by changing it back to the SSD.  Unfortunately, I didn't really think much of it when I got a weird error or two until it was too late - I could no longer roll back to the previous version.

Here is what's wrong with it: Windows will often freeze after logging in.  Once in a while, it'll load the desktop and then freeze.  Sometimes, it would work for a while and then freeze.  During all of these scenarios, you are unable to restart/turn off the computer properly.  And Microsoft, being the genius company that it is, took AWAY the ability to boot into safe mode unless you initiate it from INSIDE Windows.  Since I cannot restart the computer, it was almost impossible to get into safe mode.  Luckily, I found out that if you put in a Windows 10 installation USB and have it fail (yet another awesome perk to using Windows 10), then it'll boot into a menu that lets you get into safe mode.

Anyway, I've restarted and turned off the computer (by holding down the power switch) countless times.  I even thought I had a virus because the computer was so unresponsive and hanging randomly.  I've tried copying all of the missing files from the AppData folder onto the one Windows made on my SSD, but it didn't seem to have helped.  I believe the only option I have is to make a new user account.  EXCEPT, I can't make a new account with Windows going crazy and freezing all over the place.  I finally used the "net user <username> <password> /add" command after running cmd as an admin (even that took a few reboots since it would freeze or wouldn't load cmd).  Then I made the new user an admin by using "net localgroup administrators <username just created> /add".  I haven't tried logging into the new account yet (computer froze on signing out).  Yes, you can see how frustrating this is.

I guess the other option would be to reinstall altogether.  I don't think it would take that much more time, to be honest.

OH, and did I mention that the stupid update made my Olympus raw files not display in explorer anymore?  I've tried reinstalling the codec to no avail.  Come on Microsoft!

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