Birthday Party - October 15th, 2016

10:44 PM

Now that I started teaching again, I don't really think I'll have much time to do shoots anymore. But, fortunately, I had this one shoot a couple of weeks ago. Super awesome family, and the kids that attended the party were super cute! I sold the K-1 though, so this was the last shoot using it. I am hoping the mk ii in a few years will improve on the quirks that I did not like. Mainly, the extra dial and the slow card transfer speeds.

The food was pretty elaborate and AWESOME!  I even got to take some home to eat!  That's like a first.  The parents and grandparents did such an amazing job with the setup and decorations.  You can totally tell this was the first child/grandchild.  I guess that'll be my parents soon with my niece.

Being a 1 year old's party, most of the guests were other parents with young children.  Like I said, the kids were all super cute.

This pic was way harder than it looks

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