Mountain View Obon Festival - July 16th, 2016

10:03 PM

The Obon Festival kind of signifies a new "fiscal" year for my Lightroom catalogs.  I used to have ALL of my pictures in a single one, but it got so unwieldy and slow, I decided to do a yearly catalog instead (and individual ones for trips and gigs).  I usually go to the Palo Alto one, which is in August (see past entries here and here), but I will not be in town.  My friend and ex-colleague's family goes to that temple and that's how I ended up going in the first place, 10+ years ago.  This is only the second time I've been to the Mountain View one, and it is definitely a lot more crowded (plus the grounds are bigger, I think).

 I didn't stay as long as I normally do (cause my friend and her family dances at the end of the day), but I did catch some of the Taiko performances and played bingo with another friend).  From what I understand, what you do at Obon is not really defined and these seem to be geared towards fund-raising and little kids.  It is a fun, wholesome event for you to take toddlers and above (plus the cultural displays and performances are cool).  Oh, and id I mention food?  There's a bunch of different food - Teriyaki chicken, shaved ice, corn-dogs, salads, etc.  I don't know, I usually don't eat there (lines are super long!).

Taiko Drums
Auspicious Dance to Music
"Lion" having fun with kids in audience

You can win prizes from the games, such as goldfish, toys, bubbles, and the grand prize for the bingo was an iPad Air 2!

Who Just Won Fish?! That's right, us!


The Palo Alto one is in a couple of weeks.  You should definitely check it out, especially if you've never been.

Until Next Year

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