Maternity Shoot at Palace of Fine Arts - July 10th, 2016

9:40 PM

Well, so I had a last-minute shoot last week.  Met up with them on Thursday, shot it on Sunday, sent them the pictures on Tuesday.  Quick turnaround!

It was my first time being at the Palace of Fine Arts (you know, cause I hate driving up to SF and all), but it wasn't actually that bad. Traffic was all right and, most importantly, parking was free and plentiful!  It's a really cool place and I sneaked a few shots of my own in.

I might have an engagement shoot there in August, so it was probably a good idea to go at least once anyway.  So the couple is super cute.  They are expecting their baby in less than a month, and looked up a couple pics that they wanted to mimic.  I am not sure if we were successful, but here are some of the better pics.

I, as usual, took a TON of pictures.  There were many duplicates, or extremely similar pics, so I messed around with some filters.  I am not sure how I feel about filters still, but at least the pictures are more varied.

Of course, I am still using the Pentax K-1.  I don't have very wide lenses for it (yet?), the widest being the 28-70mm Sigma  (which I didn't even bring).  In order to the wider shots, I resorted to taking multiple shots and using Lightroom's panorama function.  They didn't really turn out that well though, since you can't really see the subjects very well.  And I have a feeling they don't care for the fact that they can zoom in a bunch like an ultrapixel picture.  But, gotta admit, the bokeh from the Limited FAs is pretty good (especially the 77mm).

Well, thanks to the couple for the opportunity.  I have a feeling I won't be doing this much, now that I am going to be teaching full-time again.  But, who knows, I have a bunch of relatives that are pregnant or will be getting married/pregnant soon, I think.  =)

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