Cinco de LinkedIn - May 3rd, 2015 (More RX100M III Pictures, edited in Lightroom 6)

12:01 AM

Yay for relatives that work at ridiculous tech companies in the Silicon Valley with way too much cash than they know what to do with!  I should actually start a blog along the lines of "How to Survive in the Bay Area with No Job!  Hint: Just know more than 5 people that work at a company with free lunch and dinner."  Anyway, it was LinkedIn's "birthday" party.  It was not as extravagant as last year's, and didn't even have a zombie flash mob, I think it was totally fine - free food, games for the kids, and random events like pie eating contests.

My cousin brought some crunchy bugs from the Ferry, yeah, I didn't try any.

So I don't know about the others, but I go for the awesome (as in pretty good, but absolutely free) food.  Too bad I don't drink, otherwise, the free drinks would be even more awesomer. =)

I feel a little bad for the people that had to work (overtime?) though, but everyone was super nice and seemed happy.

There were two pie-eating contests.  I only got to see one of them.  Apparently most of the contestants were just kids of employees.

The spectators

Look Ma, no hands!

There were quite a lot for kids to do - carnival-like games, balloons, bubbles, Mad Science, among others.

Taken by Moto X
 After we ate some churros and ice-cream, we went up to watch the not-very-exciting Warriors game.  We got bored and played with the cupcakes.

Invasion of the crunchy bugs!

Without Nasty Bugs
A Live Bug!
So, obviously, when given the chance, you should go to one of these Silicon Valley companies' parties!  Heck, even going on a random day for food is pretty amazing already!

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