Time for a New Watch? - October 24th, 2014

10:49 AM

Naw, it's not mine.  My uncle asked me to help him buy it and send it to him.  It is a nice watch!  I have a Seiko Kinetic right now (for like 11 or 12 years now probably), so maybe it is time for a new watch?  Smart watch when they get good?

It's a handsome watch and well made.  Kind of heavy though, compared to mine.  But the cool thing about this one is that it's solar powered, so supposedly you never have to do anything with it (besides take it out of your dark room every now and then!).

I basically made this post for my uncle to check out the watch.  It seems fine. =)  Macau post coming up really soon.  I am kind of too lazy to go through the 2000+ pics of HK and Taipei though.  Oh, and then there are some KL pics too.  <sigh>  So much to do...

All pics taken with the Canon G7x.  And I just realized that I am not good with taking product pics.

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