Macau - September 29th, 2014

9:33 PM

Well, I went to Macau in 2009, so I had a bunch of pics from that trip, if you want to check them out.  My pics were probably worse than they are now, so you've been warned!

Probably Most Famous in Macau
Macau was a Portuguese colony, so there is a lot of that remaining.  You can see it in the signs, the food, the buildings, religion, etc.

But it is uniquely Chinese as well.  I just love how the local culture assimilates the best of everything and just makes it their own.

Of course, Macau is now Asia's Las Vegas.  Giant hotels/casinos, bling bling, performances, the whole nine yard.

There weren't as many people as in Hong Kong, but still a lot of people and tourists.  We even stood in line, along with everyone else, to ty and get this biscuit pancake thing.  The guy in front of us got like 5 lbs and we waited for a good 30-40 min.  NOT WORTH the wait.  Oh well.

We even stumbled upon a couple taking wedding pics!

We ate some Portuguese food for dinner.  And the restaurant next to it was pretty cool!
Restaurant Next Door

And here's the view as the shuttle was taking us back to the pier.

A Bunch of Cute Girls Wooing You to the Casino She Works For
And here are all of the pics from this Macau trip, if you're interested.

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