Kuala Lumpur - October, 2014

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These posts are all out of order, but I am still dreading editing the pics from Hong Kong and Taiwan. What, only 2 places left?  Too bad there are like 2500+ pictures I think.  Anyway, here's KL, Malaysia:

It's not really an accurate account of how I would've experienced KL, since I went with Mr. Johari.  He has really good connections and expensive tastes!  See the hotel he got us?
Mr. Johari

Pool at Hotel

Piano Lounge
Tea Area
Hallway to Tea Lounge
Main Entrance (looking out)
Some Corner of Hotel
Soap and Lotion and Shampoo Oh My!

The hotel was REALLY nice, and even the food looked really amazing.  It was called the Majestic, and it used to be some colonial building, so the style is very British.
Hot Chocolate
Forgot - Some Noodle Thing for Lunch
French Toast and Fruits and Stuff

Dim Sum

Dessert, with Lots of Coconut Flakes
I actually really enjoyed Malaysia.  We say we are diverse in the US, but there are some pretty racist and terrible people that aren't very accepting of differences.  It felt like instead of just talking the talk, the people in KL were actually accepting of all the different people.  There were different religions, even though there is a "national religion," but I saw a bunch of other ones.  And the national religion didn't dictate what others can do.  We don't even have a national religion and they are always trying to get others to adhere to what those people think is "moral."  It's ridiculous.

Polishing Gold? Brass?

Chinese Temple

Indian Temple

Mr. Johari Convinced Her to Let Me Take Pic of Her
No Shoes Inside!

Holy Cow
Modern Meets Less Modern

Actually, I didn't know much about Malaysia at all.  Most of the exposure I had was from Robin's Blog.  He's almost my blog idol - he takes amazing pictures, and he seems to capture the friendliness and soul of all of his subjects.  I can't even work up the nerve to take pics of stranger usually, so calling him my idol is not an exaggeration.  But here are some random pics of KL, mostly night:

Central Market I think?
Basically a Mal

Pretty Mosque

Other Pool at Hotel

View from Fancy Restaurant

Famous Twin Towers
View from Room
Gif of View from Room
Fancy at I think Independence Square?

Another Angle
The food wasn't actually as good as I expected, but we went to pretty fancy places and the presentation seemed to be the focus more than the taste.  Don't get me wrong, still super impressive!
Bijan - First Night's Dinner

Durian Chocolate Cake

Lunch - Forgot Name, Thai Restaurant

"Fancy Restaurant" - Marini's at 57
Edible Olive Fake Tree Thing
My Appetizer - Made to Order Raw Beef with that Many Spices

Complimentary Dessert - Homemade Chocolate
What We Ended Up Choosing
I am sorry, I guess I am a little lazy and just posting random pictures.  But we went to a couple of museums.  They were really cool.  One of the history of Malaysia, and the other one that I went to was the National Museum of Islam.

Beautiful Patterns on Ceiling

Chinese Mosque

Fancy Koran


I felt that, in general, Americans are so engrossed in their own culture and history and don't really seem to see a need to know about other countries.  For example, the whole Occupy Central mess in Hong Kong.  Some lady referenced the end of slavery in the US.  Can anyone actually see some big politician in the US mention something that happened that didn't have any ties to the US?  I really can't...I can only be optimistic and believe that if/when Americans start to learn more about things other than ourselves, perhaps we'll start to have a better understanding of the world and there will be more peace.  That's not expressed very well, but hopefully you kind of get the gist of it.  I'll just leave you with some of the amazing architecture around KL:

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