Follow-up to G7x "Review" - October 22nd, 2014

7:42 PM

After having used the G7x a little more, I am still sticking to my conclusion before - that it is good enough for most people, has good image quality, and is best used to shoot jpeg (just cause the raw performance is so terrible).  I have not used the wifi function still.  Actually, I tried, but it was not very easy, so I gave up.  Here are some more pictures showing the shallow depth of field.  The built-in ND filter is also very handy when you want to do some motion shots during the day (or shallow dof).

The biggest complaint I have with the camera, though, is the autofocus.  It kept giving me the yellow box with an exclamation mark on it, meaning it couldn't focus.  Now, I've only used spot-focusing (not the auto-face detection one), but it did the yellow box thing a lot more often than I expected a modern camera to.  It would do it with the sky, a slightly darker scene, and other situations as well.  When it does that, you can still take pics, but it may or may not be in focus!  And, of course, manual focusing on it sucks too because it takes maybe 30 turns of the back wheel to go from infinity to the closest focus distance.

Random escalator being repaired
Wide angle
Had trouble getting focus on this shot, took a couple of tries
Also hunted in this situation...
I think I got the yellow box once or twice (out of maybe 15 tries)
But, still, the camera has a lot of controls and takes good pictures.  The lens is sharp enough, and has a really good range and speed (aperture).  And the video is just ok, I guess.  Here's a sample:

So yes, if you can find it for, say, $500, I would say it's a good deal.  Maybe $550.

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